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We have designed this site in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


The guidelines include:


· Using meaningful ALT text for all images to provide descriptive text


· Using descriptive hyperlink text


· Avoiding the use of frames, which are difficult for special browsers to interpret


· Using an easy-to-see web colour scheme


· Using an easy-to-read font type, size and colour




Making websites easy to use goes further than just colour and fonts. We work hard to make sure our content is easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate, taking into consideration customers who use speech readers.


We have produced a site map to make finding your way around easier.


Changing the way you view our site


If you want to alter the size of the text displayed on this site you can change the option in your Internet browser.


To enlarge text: -


1. On the browser Tools menu select ‘Internet Options’


2. On the General tab, select ‘Accessibility


3. Tick the ‘Ignore font sizes specified on web pages’ check box


4. Click on ‘OK’


5. On the browser menu select ‘View’


6. Click ‘Text Size’


7. Choose the size of font

This site is intended for intermediary use only.