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·         Noddle – the only genuinely free credit report on the market

·         No 30 day trials, no need to remember to cancel. It’s free and always will be.

·         Save over £80 a year compared to competitor products

·         Unlimited online access

·         Updated monthly

·         It only takes a few minutes to sign up

What Are The Benefits

Using Noddle’s credit search facility helps to ensure applications submitted via CaseBldr go to offer as quickly as possible by preventing any unwelcome surprises.

During the application process we often discover that an individual's credit profile may not be exactly as it was disclosed to the broker which could result in their application being declined. You would then need to undertake another product search and make another recommendation to your client, which takes time.

To avoid clients applying for an unsuitable product we recommend that they take advantage of the Noddle credit search. Noddle instantly provides you with credit data via their website. This means you can source a suitable product safe in the knowledge that they have accurate client credit data to hand.




You can either ask your client to provide you with a copy of their credit file or you can obtain the report via the link below.



Click here to access the Noddle website and start the search.


Once you have received the Noddle credit report, use the information provided to complete an application through CaseBldr..

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