The interesting case of the Buy to Let landlord  - 17/12/2019 13:48

Landlord, Steve, needed to remortgage his current Buy to Let property to raise money to fund the deposit of the next property in his portfolio but was struggling to find a mortgage lender that could help.

A default from a few years ago that Steve thought was settled, remained outstanding, and it wasn't until he approached his bank that he realised. With the risk of losing his property to a local builder, Pepper Money were able to remortgage Steve's existing Buy to Let, saving him over £8,000 on a Pepper 48 2 year fixed, and allowing him to capital raise to fund his next project.

Why use Pepper Money for your remortgage case?

  • They make remortgaging simple and straightforward and don’t believe the value or volume of CCJs or Defaults should stop your clients getting a better deal 
  • They’ve got a range of fee options for their Buy to Let products. Including a flat fee of £1,995 for landlords with higher value properties 
  • They’ll let your client release the money built up in the value of their rental property, so they can use it to fund their next purchase